Muay Thai Kickboxing The most effective stand up striking system in the world was developed in Thailand hundreds of years ago. This ancient method has been used to train the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world as well as whip the average person into shape through an amazing aerobic all-body workout. We combine the two here in this class with serious cardio training as well as real-world effective self defense techniques honed throughout the centuries by Muay Thai masters. Our Muay Thai instructors take you through the basics and on to your individual potential and beyond. This class will keep you on track towards knowing all there is to know about stand up more...


Our Fundamentals Muay Thai Kickboxing classes bring people of all levels together through proven techniques and a systematized curriculum which helps students to learn quickly. Students learn stand up striking, and Thai clinching techniques in a systematized submission grappling techniques needed to survive in a self defense situation or the cage.


Advanced Muay Thai classes help students to get to the next level in training including more advanced combinations, bag work, light sparring, and application of distance and timing. These classes are great for those with more experience or for students who have learned the fundamentals and are ready for the next level.

Open Mat

Open Mat classes provide a time for students to hit the bags, work on techniques together or with a Coach, and to use the mat in an open setting where you can work on the techniques and strategies you prefer. Open mat time can include sparring monitored by an instructor and also can include drills and other activities prepared by your coach.

Mixed Martial Arts

Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes are for students of all levels and provide professional curriculum geared towards making you successful in learning what really works in MMA and for self defense. This specialized curriculum helps students to learn quickly and in a safe environment. Students learn stand up striking, ground striking, wrestling, and submission grappling techniques needed to survive in a self defense situation or the cage.

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Private Lessons are a great way for you to train directly with the instructor of your choice and be able to progress at an accelerated rate, read more

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